August 2019: PERM CITY - A 1km long highline between two buildings and over three cranes

In early August 2019 Friedi did a truly unique performance high above the Street Theatre Festival in the Russian city of Perm:
He balanced a total distance of 955m from the City theatre (art) to the legislative assembly (government), making it a symbolic walk with more than 50000 people watching. Because both buildings by themselves were too low for such a long slackline, THREE cranes had to be added to keep the safe height above the streets, making it a completely unprecedented rigging challenge for Friedi and his team. But they mastered it, working hard by day and night and pulled off an incredible show, during which Friedi had to show true multi-tasking skills. He not only walked over the highline, but also showed some crazy tricks and dance moves, and was on top of it all interviewed and interacted with the audience the entire time during his walk.  They called him the Sky-Knight, and the costume shows why...

Pictures by Anna Sandler 

June 2019: Highlining in IRAN

When you’re to addicted adventures and new experiences like Friedi, you might one day find yourself travelling to distant, exotic and in the West often discredited countries like Iran – and find them to be among the most beautiful and friendly places in the world.
The young and passionate Iranian Slackline community is well organized, resourceful and hospitable beyond imagination. They welcomed Friedi and his Friends Aidan Williams, Vova Murzaev, Sasha Chernevsky, Anna Vlasova and Jaan Roose with all the hospitality and care that even exceeded the Middle Eastern stereotype. They held slackline workshops and festivals together and explored the tall mountains around Tehran. And that was only the tip of the iceberg of slackline potential in Iran! Without a doubt Friedi and his friends will come back.

All pictures by Aidan Williams

April 2019: NEW WORLD RECORD - a BLINDFOLDED 1km long highline walk

At the 3rd Russian Highline Festival Friedi broke another Highline World Record: He became the first person in the world to balance over a 1km long highline with no eyesight and without falling! Highlining blindfolded is an incredible physical and mental challenge and a sensual experience like very few others in the extreme sports. It took Friedi around 55 minutes to walk over this line without vision, having walked the same line in the days prior in less than 50 minutes – but with his eyes open. This also happens to be the longest highline in all of Russia. Friedi thus became the first person ever to hold all three big slackline world records at the same time: The Free Solo Highline World Record, the leashed/regular Highline World Record, as well as now the Blindfolded Highline World Recordreceiving Guinness World Records certificates and entries into the book for all three of them. But once again, it would not have been possible without the help and support of the incredible slackline community.
Big congratulations also to Sasha Chernevsky (now holding the Russian Highline Record), Jaan Roose and Lukas Irmler, who all also managed to walk across this line without falling.

March 2019: Back to Norway - in search of the Northern Lights

“… met a couple of guys, an Israeli crew. Shooting crazy films is what they love to do.
So we showed no fear and packed a lot of gear, met up with Adam, Dan, Guy, Cara, Nir and Kfir.
And now we’re here, we’re finding the path, in the whitest of lands, wearing the tightest of pants.
Tijmen and Sam, Louise, Sebastian and Lukas: Auf geht’s, Shalom, Allez, Let’s do this!
Keep it in mind that pain is temporary, memories forever, the shots legendary.
Up on the mountain, during stormy nights… walking on lines under the Northern Lights.”

– Part of Friedi’s Northern Lights highline rap song

This was just to give you and idea how crazy this project was. It really deserves some waiting until the actual documentary is done. Stay tuned for highline shots beyond your imagination.
Pictures by Smiley Videography.

February 2019: Australia

In February 2019 a long lasting travel wish of mine finally became true: I went on a slackline trip DOWN UNDER.
With Jerry Miszewski (Owner of Balance Community and my slackline sponsor), Mia Noblet (world class highliner and year long friend) and Aidan Williams (professional highline photographer and caring Aussie local), I had the perfect team to set up some of Australia’s most beautiful and difficult highlines, as well as establish a number of new ones. Besides balancing above the jungle, Free Soloing some scenic coast lines and barbecuing  with some Cangaroos, we also had an incredible time enjoying Sydney and its beaches, as well as the annual Blue Mountains Highline Gathering, organized by the amazing, hard working Sydney slackline community. You guys are the best, thank you for your love and hospitality.

December 2018: Highlining at -20° in ALASKA

What better time of the year to do some highlines in Alaska than in in Winter? And what better team for such a challenging mission than Friedi Kühne, Mia Noblet and Aidan Williams.
This was a truly unique slackline adventure certainly the coldest highlining these guys did so far. Within one week they set up and walked slacklines over icy cold, halfway frozen rivers, between snowy peaks, and even over an abandoned gold dredge, which they walked under the stars. Thanks to the support of the Red Fox Outdoor Equipment they didn’t freeze during this crazy project. Let these pictures by Aidan Williams speak for themselves.

November 2018: Highlining in the desert of Utah

Friedi kicked off November 2018 by meeting up with his good friends and slacklining legends Andy Lewis, Spencer Seabrooke and Mia Noblet in Moab, Utah. They set out to the famous Valley of the Gods, where they rigged and walked a 500m long tower to tower highline, beating the previous US-American highline record of 480m, which they had set themselves the year before.

Just one week later, they beat the same record again, this time with an 880m long highline at the Fruitbowl, near Moab Utah. Friedi became the first to walk that line and then later on walked almost the entire distance blindfolded, falling only 10m from the end.

The team celebrated their achievements right where they were, at GGBY at the Fruitbowl, the biggest slackline festival in the world. Together with Slackline US and powered by Balance Community, they rigged up the whole place with over 20 highlines, and celebrated with a community of over 500 outdoor enthusiasts, all coming together in desert to highline, basejump, and enjoy life.

October 2018: FREE SOLO in Yosemite

In October 2018, Friedi and his team of friends Aidan Williams, Lukas Irmler, Ryan Jenks, Kimberly Weglin, Kyle Lovett and Zollie Goodman went on a two week long trip to the world famous Yosemite Valley in California, USA. They set up and walked eight of the world’s most spectacular and most alpine highlines. Friedi got the first ascent of a 296m long new line at Taft Point, which is currently the longest line ever rigged in the entire valley. He also became the third person in the world to free solo both the 15m and 35m long highlines that lead up to the famous Lost Arrow Spire, a granite pillar peaking at almost 1000m above the valley bottom.

NEW HIGHLINE WORLD RECORD: 1.9km in Québec, Canada

The same team from Norway made another attempt to break the highline world record – this time over an abandoned mine in Asbestos, Québec. Friedi and five other athletes managed to walk the entire 1900m without falling and now share the new highline, as well as slackline world record. With a walking time of 1:25h Friedi was the second fastest out of the six athletes.

August 2018: 2.8km - A crossing of the longest Slackline ever set up

In August 2018 a team of the best Slackliners in the world went to the island of Senja in Northern Norway to set up the world’s longest Slackline so far. Friedi crossed the entire line and walked a continuous 2200m before falling due to heavy winds, beating the previous tightrope distance world record of 2169m. Nobody managed to walk the whole line without falling, but it was the biggest project and achievement in the history of Slacklining. Get an impression from Friedi’s crossing of this monster of a line in the video below.

April 2018: Russland

Mitte April 2018 konnte ich mir endlich einen langjährigen Traum erfüllen und auf Einladung meines Sponsors Red Fox Outdoor Equipment zum ersten Mal nach Russland reisen. Die Reise war wunderschön und voller wertvoller Erfahrungen für mich. Der Trip bestand aus drei Teilen: Beim 2nd Russian Highline Festival in Kislovdosk am Kaukasus installierte ich gemeinsam mit der russischen Slackline Community die längste Highline Russlands. Diese 280m lange, 100m hohe und wunderschöne Line schaffte ich dann als erster und noch dazu auf den ersten Versuch. Damit hatten wir einen neuen russischen Highline Rekord aufgestellt und gaben der Line den Namen “Na zdrowie”.  Die Stimmung in der Gemeinschaft dort war wahrhaft gigantisch! Dann ging es für mich weiter zum Elbrus, dem mit 5642m höchsten Berg Europas. Dort hatte ich die Ehre zur Opening Ceremony des alljährigen Red Fox Elbrus Race eine Highline Show vor den Teilnehmern und Zuschauern des Rennens zu machen. Mit 2500m über dem Meeresspiegel war diese Line nicht nur meine höchstgelegene Highline bisher, sondern auch bis jetzt die höchste in ganz Russland. Die letzte Woche meines Russland-Trips verbrachte ich im wunderschönen St Petersburg, wo ich neben Stadturlaub und Sightseeing Gott sei Dank auch noch Zeit für eine sehr abenteuerliche und außergewöhnliche Line hatte: Eine industriell-urbane Highline in einem verlassenen und verfallen Fabrikgelände. Videos dazu folgen noch!

Dezember 2017: Guinness Weltrekord in China

Im Dezember 2017 ging es für mich zum zweiten Mal zum Slacklinen in das Reich der Mitte. Gemeinsam mit meinen guten Freunden Pablo Signoret, Mia Noblet, Samuel Volery und Ryan Robinson trat ich zu einem Guinness Weltrekordversuch der Spitzenklasse an: Wir sollten die weltweit längste blinde Highlinebegehung machen.
Dank unseres wochenlangen Trainings schafften wir alle die Highlinebegehung mit verbundenen Augen auf den ersten Versuch. Der Guinness Weltrekord Titel wurde dann Pablo Signoret verliehen, da dieser die Line am schnellsten überquerte. Gratulation und ein riesiges Dankeschön an das Slackline-Team SDD für den Aufbau der Highline und die Einladung zu diesem irren Event!


Am 14.12.2013 hatte ich meinen ersten großen Fernsehauftritt, und zwar in der berühmten deutschen Unterhaltungssendung “WETTEN, DASS…”. Meine Wette hatte natürlich Weihnachten zum Thema und lautete, dass ich auf einer Slackline stehend, durch Surfen, also seitliches Auslenken der Line, sechs Weihnachtsbaumkerzen nacheinander löschen kann. Und zwar ohne herunterzufallen oder abzusteigen und obendrein auch noch unter Zeitdruck. Die Wette gelang mir um Haaresbreite. Nur für den Wettkönig reichten mir leider die Stimmen nicht. Dafür wurde ich ganz knapp zweiter Platz und der Grundbaustein für die Karriere als Profi-Slackliner war gelegt!

Michelle Hunziker, Markus Lanz, Friedi Kühne (Wette “Slackline”) © ZDF & Sascha Baumann