At the 3rd Russian Highline Festival Friedi broke another Highline World Record: He became the first person in the world to balance over a 1km long highline with no eyesight and without falling! Highlining blindfolded is an incredible physical and mental challenge and a sensual experience like very few others in the extreme sports. It took Friedi around 55 minutes to walk over this line without vision, having walked the same line in the days prior in less than 50 minutes – but with his eyes open. This also happens to be the longest highline in all of Russia. Friedi thus became the first person ever to hold all three big slackline world records at the same time: The Free Solo Highline World Record, the leashed/regular Highline World Record, as well as now the Blindfolded Highline World Recordreceiving Guinness World Records certificates and entries into the book for all three of them. But once again, it would not have been possible without the help and support of the incredible slackline community.
Big congratulations also to Sasha Chernevsky (now holding the Russian Highline Record), Jaan Roose and Lukas Irmler, who all also managed to walk across this line without falling.