Highline Show

Watching somebody literally walking through the air and doing artistic tricks on a one inch wide webbing, high above the spectators, is a truly unique experience. What usually happens far away in the mountains and is only known from Youtube can be experienced live at your event.
Our highlines are set up by a team of professionals and satisfy all high rope course requirements. Highlines can be installed in almost any urban environment. Contact me and we will find a solution for your specific location!

In order for your audience to fully relate to the previously seen spectacle and to be sustainably inspired, highline shows can optimally be comined with multimedia presentations, slackline trial courses on the ground, or even highline workshops. 

Trickline Show


Tricklining is the more explosive and acrobatic form of slacklining. Somersaults, spins, as well as graceful yoga poses – anything is possible on the thin, bouncy strap.
Either alone or with my team, I can show you the most spectacular tricks on the slackline and thus create and action-packed show for your event. No matter if it is indoors our outdoors, trickline shows fit on any stage and can be combined perfectly with music or other performances.

Does your event require a creative combination of several different forms of slacklining? Do you want a slackline set up over water, between vehicles, or even between two hot air balloons? Nothing is impossible! Just send me a message and we will come up with a new amazing concept.