In a nutshell

I have been slacklining for over ten years now.

What started out as a hobby has soon turned into my biggest passion and during the past years even into my profession.

Now I do slackline performances, world records, speeches and regularly participate in competitions all over the world.

Through workshops and coachings, I pass on my experience and my enthusiasm for this balance sport to others.

Having finished University in Fall 2017, I now dedicate all my time and energy into pushing the limits of what's possible on the one inch wide webbing. 


How it all started...

When I was a child, I used to be a rather quiet person, always preferring to stay away from the mountains and big endeavors. For me a perfect day consisted of reading comics, watching TV and playing with Legos. Thankfully my parents nevertheless continued to take me hiking or skiing.

Later on, I tried out trampoline, parkour, freerunning and rock climbing. I realized more and more that physically-coordinative, as well as mental challenges really appealed to me.

During a climbing trip in 2009 I finally stood on my very first slackline and I immediately got hooked. Today I am truly addicted to balancing through the air, and I can not imagine life without the mountains, highlining and adrenaline rushes any more. 






World Records


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