In a nutshell

I have been slacklining for over ten years now.

What started out as a hobby has soon turned into my biggest passion and during the past years even into my profession.

Now I do slackline performances, world records, speeches and regularly participate in competitions all over the world.

Through workshops and coachings, I pass on my experience and my enthusiasm for this balance sport to others.

Having finished University in Fall 2017, I now dedicate all my time and energy into pushing the limits of what's possible on the one inch wide webbing. 


How it all started...

When I was a child, I used to be a rather quiet person, always preferring to stay away from the mountains and big endeavors. For me a perfect day consisted of reading comics, watching TV and playing with Legos. Thankfully my parents nevertheless continued to take me hiking or skiing.

Later on, I tried out trampoline, parkour, freerunning and rock climbing. I realized more and more that physically-coordinative, as well as mental challenges really appealed to me.

During a climbing trip in 2009 I finally stood on my very first slackline and I immediately got hooked. Today I am truly addicted to balancing through the air, and I can not imagine life without the mountains, highlining and adrenaline rushes any more. 






World Records


years slacklining


Free Solo

Free Solo highlining means walking a slackline ten to several thousand meters high WITHOUT any kind of safety leash.

For most people this is a completely unimaginable scenario. For me it is living out my sport in true perfection.

Free Solo highlining is only done by handful of people in the world and it requires a huge amount of preparation, body control and self confidence.

In 2016 I walked the highest and longest highline without a safety leash in the world.  And in 2017 I even surpassed that distance one more time, which makes me the current holder of the  Guinness World Record in Free Solo highlining.

In 2018 I was able to fulfill another big dream of mine and become one of only five people in the world to Free Solo the highline at the Lost Arrow Spire in Yosemite, one of the highest and most famous highlines in the world.

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Free Solo World Record at Hunlen Falls, Canada

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