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No matter what your age is - the first steps on the thin, wobbly strap are always easier with the guidance and support of an expert.

In addition to my long-time experience as a professional slackliner, I have a high school teacher's degree and I love passing on my experience to others.

With both enthusiasm and patience, I can guarantee participants of my slackline classes, that just after a few hours of practice they will be able to walk several steps on the slackline in control.

+49-176-21365238 - Friedrich Kühne

Slackline Workshop

No matter which level you are at, no matter what you want to learn on the slackline - I will supply the tailor-made input you need in order to exploit your full potential.

Would you like to increase your joint stability, your balance and your concentration? Would you like to enhance your performance in your choice of sports through some supplementary coordination training?

Do it like the pro soccer players and pro skiers - train on the slackline!

Not interested in a group course? Make use of my one-to-one training and optimize your individual learning process!

Slackline classes can be held anywhere and at any time, and they can be perfectly combined with an inspiring and specatcular trickline show. Contact me today and learn from the pros!

Highline Workshop

Even experienced climbers and slackliners should not do without a thorough introduction to the safety and gear aspects, as well as the physical and mental challenges of highlining.

With the guidance of an expert, my highline workshop for beginners gives you the opportunity to do something unique, which you may have never imagined yourself doing: balancing over an abyss.

Due to our highly versatile toprope safety system, this workshop is 100% suitable for both beginners, as well as intermediate slackliners.

The highline workshop can also be carried out as a pedagogical seminar, designed to practice teamwork, leaving the individual comfort zone, as well as dealing with pressure and fear.

Of course the highline workshop can also be booked as a one-to-one training. Contact me and we will figure out the ideal solution for you together.